Community rallies round in aid of charity shop.

Hetty's charity and gift shop,Warsop
Hetty's charity and gift shop,Warsop

A charity and gift shop in Warsop had a unexpected surprise as the shops stonework fell causing damage to the building.

Hetty’s is a small charity that provides free and confidential support to families and children in Nottinghamshire affected by someone else’s drug or alcohol use.

The Charity & Gift Shop on Church street had a potentially dangerous emergency on Sunday morning, but thankfully for them and others no one was injured.

Claire Brookes, finance manager spoke about the situation and said: Thankfully the Warsop fire team were on site across the road for a training session, to respond and make the area safe.

"The incident was posted out on the Warsop Community Facebook page in order to alert a member of the Hetty’s team, and we responded and arrived within an hour. Our main concern was whether anyone had been injured, but it was later confirmed that no one had been present at the time, for which we are incredibly thankful.

On arrival to the site, the fire team had already cleared any additional loose debris, and had cordoned off the area to minimise any further risk, and the fire team and Mr Renshaw, from Building Control, Erewash Council, were there waiting for us.

"Despite several attempts, we struggled to secure a builder to come out to the property to complete the urgent make safe repairs, but luckily one of our local volunteers popped in to see if we needed any help and she was able to give us Nigel Powers’ name from Powers Property Management, Warsop, who so kindly sacrificed his Sunday morning and quickly completed the repairs for us.

"The fire team, Mr Renshaw, and Nigel were such nice guys and genuinely wanted to help the charity in whatever way they could, they really helped to resolve a difficult situation as smoothly as possible.

"We also want to thank all of the Warsop community for their quick thinking in alerting us to the issue, and for all of their well wishes and continuing custom

"We still have the permanent repairs to complete, and are awaiting quotes and other information, and because the cause of the incident is undetermined at present, i.e. no impact, storm etc., it is unlikely that our insurers will cover these significant costs, with funds needing to be found.

"We are hoping to begin a fundraising campaign shortly to help cover these costs and we would be so incredibly grateful for any donations"

To donate to the charity visit