Chad readers react to Ashfield MP voting against windfall tax

Lee Anderson MP voted down a Labour bid for a windfall tax on oil and gas giants last night – which the party claims could save households £600.

By Shelley Marriott
Friday, 20th May 2022, 1:00 pm

And Chad readers have had their say on Lee Anderson’s vote on the Mansfield Chad Facebook Page.

Claire Bex said: “There is absolutely no reasonable defence of this at all other than the Tories digging their heels in and defending the profits of big business and giant salaries of CEOs over the wellbeing of ordinary people.”

Katrina Pietras said: “He’s just the gift that keeps on giving isn’t he. Not fit for purpose.”

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Ashfield MP Lee Anderson voted against a windfall tax on oil and gas producer profits

David Hayes said: “Doesn't surprise me one bit, when he thinks it's all to do with not being able to cook.”

Lynsey Spowage said: “Why am I not surprised.”

Alan Baines said: “It shows what MPs think of their constituents.”

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Ashfield MP defends decision to vote against windfall tax on energy firms

Karl Flash Jackson said: “Of course he agrees with driving people into poverty further, how very Tory of him.”

Abe Wood said: “What a surprise, not.”

Iona Brodie Hornby said: “Voting to help his constituents I see.”

Dale Saddington said: “I normally agree with Lee but this is the wrong decision. Those companies have clearly said this profit is due to the higher bills we are all paying. I think it should go further and put a maximum amount a energy firm can charge above cost.”

Colleen Harwood said: “He does not surprise me, he usually votes the opposite of how I would.”