Broxtowe council ‘ready to step up and help refugees’ from Ukraine

A borough council has condemned the actions of Vladimir Putin and said it is ready to ‘step up’ to help take in Ukrainian refugees.
Broxtowe Borough Council headquarters.Broxtowe Borough Council headquarters.
Broxtowe Borough Council headquarters.

A statement issued by the council reads: “Broxtowe Borough Council condemns the actions of Vladimir Putin and the Russian Government in its decision to invade Ukraine.

“We express our horror at the disregard for human life, national sovereignty and international rule of law.

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“This council stands with the people of Ukraine and their friends and relatives living in the borough and beyond.

“This is an unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation. The people that will suffer the most will be civilians on both sides.

“We express our unity and support for President Zelensky, the democratically elected Government and the people of Ukraine and call on the UK Government and its NATO allies to offer the maximum humanitarian aid and support for the Ukrainian Government and people.

“Broxtowe Borough Council are ready to step up to help refugees who have fled their homes.”

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More than a million people have fled Ukraine and hundreds of civilians are believed to have been killed as the conflict reached its eighth day.

At a full council meeting on March 2, councillor Steve Carr added: “We thought when 2022 came this could be a better year than 2020 and 2021.

“Over the last week that has disappeared. What we are seeing in Ukraine is an absolute disgrace in the 21st century.

“Our hearts go out to the people of Ukraine. It is an absolutely dreadful situation.

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“I will be speaking to the chief executive about starting to set up a registered interest for any people in the borough who would be willing to take a refugee family into their home.

“I understand that the Government are proposing a sponsored refugee programme.

“We will be talking about that urgently to try and kick start that so we are ahead of the game should we be called upon to assist.”