Brave Awsworth mum pens book after 'frightening' battle with cervical cancer

An inspirational Awsworth resident has written a book telling the story of her brave and successful fight against cancer.

Michelle Camm, 46, survived her battle with cervical cancer and has now become an author.
Michelle Camm, 46, survived her battle with cervical cancer and has now become an author.

Michelle Camm, 46, found out she had cervical cancer in 2020 after going for a routine smear test.

Although, as that looks for pre-cancerous cells, it was not initially picked up.

It was only when she went for a biopsy that the late-stage cancer was discovered, something Michelle described as ‘a real shock’.

The mum-of-two went through intense treatment before being given the all-clear last year.

"Because my cancer was late stage, I was told there was only a 50 to 60 per cent chance of my treatment working so it was quite scary,” she said.

Michelle then underwent courses of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and brachytherapy before being given the all clear in March 2021.

It was this “golden news” and a special friendship with another patient that spurred Michelle into writing about her experiences.

She said: “Whilst sitting and receiving chemotherapy, I made a very precious friend. This book was only a pipe dream when I used to read the chapters to her.

“Her treatment sadly didn’t work and I wanted to finish this book for her, to fulfil my promise.

“So ever since receiving the ‘no cancer’ news I haven’t treated myself to a fancy celebratory holiday, Instead, I have enjoyed spending my money on becoming an author.”

The book is titled ‘A Lioness: My story of cancer, courage, love and friendship’ as Michelle says she now feels “strong and powerful, like a new version of myself” despite all she has been through.

She added: “Producing this memoir has been an enormous undertaking that I have craved for so desperately because it was a passion that I found when my friend was alive.

“It’s the story of how I found strength, lived life and kept a positive attitude through my frightening and sometimes painful journey.

“It is a ‘no stone left unturned’ memoir – powerful, truthful, full of love and inspiration. I am honoured to have lived to be able to tell my story.”

With each copy sold, Michelle is able to donate proceeds to various well-known cancer charities.

“The book is £9.99 and from that, £3 from each copy sold goes to a cancer charity,” she said.

"I’ve had 500 books printed so far and if I can sell all them, not only will I have covered the costs I had for writing and getting the book printed, I’ll also have raised more than £1,500 for charity, which would be brilliant.

"I’ve written the story, I’ve got the book and now I want to get it out there and share my story with people.

“I hope it will raise awareness and also help others on the same journey.”

The book is available to buy online from Michelle’s website at

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