Baffled Dundee man fined for parking in Mansfield when he was 300 miles away

Mr Cochrane said he was in Aberdeen on the day the ticket was issued.
Mr Cochrane said he was in Aberdeen on the day the ticket was issued.

A 'baffled' Dundee man has hit out at parking chiefs after being slapped with a £70 parking penalty for allegedly parking on a Mansfield street - despite being over 300 miles away at the time.

Tony Cochrane, who lives in Broughty Ferry, Dundee, received a fixed penalty notice for allegedly parking on Church Street on February 23.

He said he is baffled by the £70 fee, as he was in Aberdeen on that day and says he has never been to Mansfield.

He received a letter from Nottinghamshire County Council, demanding he pay the fee for parking a black car.

When Mr Cochrane contested this and asked for proof, he was told no CCTV images were taken, and he must pay the fine.

Mr Cochrane is contesting the ticket as the offending vehicle is different from his red Audi R8.

"I'm baffled," he said.

"I explained I had never been to Mansfield and was in Aberdeen on that date

"The car in question has only driven 294 miles since an MOT two years ago, and is mostly parked up in storage.

"The return driving distance from my home in Dundee to Mansfield is 700 miles so that makes it an impossible journey on the mileage.

"My car is red Audi and they claim it is black of an unknown make.

"I requested photographic evidence of this supposed parking offence, which has not been provided.

"The whole thing is bizarre and they are refusing to budge and demanding the fine, which will increase to £105 if not paid promptly.

"I've wasted hours of my time on this."

Nottinghamshire County Council have been contacted for comment.