Ashfield District Council to receive cut of £2 million fund to tackle rough sleepers

The Housing Minister has today announced that £2.1 million in funding will be available to aid rough sleepers in the East Midlands.

Ashfield District Council is amongst nine councils in the region who will receive a share of the cash.

Ashfield District Council to receive cut of 2 million fund to tackle rough sleepers

Ashfield District Council to receive cut of 2 million fund to tackle rough sleepers

The funding will be used for up to 10 new specialist support workers across the East Midlands, targeting those with mental health or substance misuse issues.

It is hoped that the funding will allow vulnerable people sleeping rough to access help to recover from life on the streets.

Nine councils across the region will use the money to fund schemes aimed at supporting people off the streets and into stable accommodation.

This will include rough sleeping centres, where people on the streets can access immediate shelter and mental health support.

The money will also fund specialist support workers who direct people to the services they need, such as counselling, housing advice services, mental health support or substance misuse services

Specialist agencies that support vulnerable people into affordable and stable accommodation will also be implemented as part of the scheme.

The funding forms part of the Government’s £100-million backed rough sleeping strategy, which sets out detailed plans to end rough sleeping for good, with the aim of halving it by 2022.

Heather Wheeler MP, housing and homelessness minister said:“We are taking steps to ensure people the East Midlands never have to face even one night on the streets.

“These are vulnerable people, who may be dealing with complex mental health problems or addictions and require specialist support to tackle these issues and turn their lives around.

“The funding confirmed today will ensure those sleeping on the streets in the East Midlands have access to the professional help and guidance they need to get back on their feet – taking us one step closer to ending rough sleeping for good.”

Today’s announcement follows the confirmation of £46 million to councils – including the 83 areas with the highest number of rough sleepers – over 2019 and 2020 to support people in their area off the streets and into secure accommodation where they can get the help they need to rebuild their lives.

Councils will use this investment to create an estimated additional 2,600 beds and 750 support staff – meaning there are more people sleeping in warm beds tonight as a result of government funding.