Annesley man furious after binmen refuse to take his "foam and cigarette ends"

Robert Verity is angry his recycling bin has not been emptied.
Robert Verity is angry his recycling bin has not been emptied.

A 72-year-old pensioner is furious after binmen refused to empty his bin twice because of “foam and cigarette ends”.

Robert Verity has slammed Ashfield District Council, which operates the waste removal service, after his recycling bin was not emptied because of “contraband”.

Mr Verity, of Forest Road, Annesley Woodhouse, threw the rubbish onto his garden after it was first refused by the council and then repacked it.

He said: “The first time it was rejected, it was because it has foam in it, so I emptied all that out.

“I repacked the bin and I was told that it was rejected for another time, so that will be four weeks without collection.”

However, a council represtentative visited Mr Verity today, Tuesday, April 30, and “he said graciously that they would empty it for me”.

However, Mr Verity said: “I said no I’m not interested, you can do it properly, so that will be six weeks to empty the bin.

“I didn’t know what contraband was and if that’s the case how do you go on with a family of four? Something wants doing – not for me for others.”

Carol Cooper-Smith, council interim director of place and communities, said: “The council is dedicated to increasing the amount of recycling within the district, and works with residents to educate them on what can and can’t be accepted in our recycling bins.

“Mr Verity’s bin has not been collected on the past two collection dates due it containing large quantities of non-recyclable items.”

“The council’s waste advisor has visited Mr Verity to discuss the issue and offer advice.”