Amputee patient thanks King's Mill's rehab team for taking him 'beyond expectations'

A hospital patient from Mansfield who recently became an amputee has thanked King's Mill Hospital's specialist rehabilitation team for their "love and encouragement" as he continues to recover.

By Andrew Topping
Wednesday, 6th November 2019, 11:07 am
Staff on the Amputee Rehabilitation Team.
Staff on the Amputee Rehabilitation Team.

The patient, who wishes only to be named as Julian, nominated the hospital's Amputee Rehabilitation Team for a top award in recognition for the way they have taken him "far beyond" in his rehabilitation.

The team has been recognised as part of the 'People's Award', sponsored by your Chad at the Sherwood Forest Hospitals staff excellence award, which recognises those hospital heroes who have gone above and beyond in their line of duty.

Speaking about his care in the rehabilitation team, amputee Julian said the ward staff had good qualities and skills "in abundance" and always know when to "encourage or stretch" his abilities.

He said: “It has been said that the NHS excels in treating people but tend to fail when it comes to rehabilitation. I have the great good fortune to be in the process of my rehabilitation with the Amputee Rehabilitation Team and have found this not to be the case.

"The team have taken me far beyond where I thought I might be rehabilitated to, and I continue to progress.

“It is difficult to define the criteria for what makes an excellent team, especially in the field of healthcare. There are the much vaunted Six Cs, care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment.

"All these qualities and skills they have in abundance. They also have more nuanced abilities, they know how and when to encourage or stretch, they are professional but always personable, they seek innovation, and the therapy is always person centred. Thank you for the love and encouragement."

The team is against Anita Edwards, activities coordinator at the stroke ward, and Phil Bolger, an intensive care nurse, at the awards.

The winner will be revealed at the ceremony on Friday.