People 'too scared' to speak up about horses dumped in Nottinghamshire

Brave Valentine, who was found dumped on February 14.
Brave Valentine, who was found dumped on February 14.

Members of the public are 'too scared' to speak up about a number of sick horses that have been dumped around Nottinghamshire, according to a vet.

Janice Dickson, a vet with charity Help for Horses, attended a public meeting yesterday (March 19) at the Duke of Wellington in Kirkby, to discuss the problem.

However, the turn-out wasn't as high as expected, and Janice believes people may feel too intimidated to speak out.

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Janice, who has tended to several of the horses said: "We have got to make a stand against this.

"It has a massive impact not just on horse and land owners, but on the public who find the horses out in the countryside."

An attempt to abandon a horse in Pinxton Lane on March 7 led to the police being called, after the landowner was harassed by a gang of men.

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Several incidents of sick horses being dumped and left to die have been reported across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, most recently in Blidworth, Pinxton and Kirkby.

Police believe the same van and trailer may have been used in each case and are trying to track down the owner.

Since the death of Brave Valentine, a young filly found on 14 February, another horse was found dead by a dog walker in a lay-by and two underweight foals were found on the side of a road.

Janice has called for tougher legislation to help catch the perpetrators, and will meet with representatives from Nottinghamshire Police tomorrow (March 19).

She added: "I want to push like crazy for a change in legislation to hit the perpetrators in their pockets."