Pensioner's fence panels protest

A MANSFIELD Woodhouse pensioner is rubbishing council policy after being turned away from a local tip for taking 'trade waste' from his own garden.

Seventy-seven-year-old Dennis Hall says he was turned away from Mansfield's Hermitage Lane household waste centre by workers when they spotted he was pulling a small luggage trailer carrying five broken fence panels.

Said Mr Hall, of Mansfield Road: "It's just ridiculous. I'm 77-year-old and I'm still pretty active, but it took a lot of effort to break it all down and take it down there.

"I've taken things down in my trailer before and they've not said anything about it."

Mr Hall said staff at the Nottinghamshire County Council-run site advised him to put the panels in his brown garden waste bin at home if it was not trade waste.

"I was furious, one mow of my lawn fills that bin up to the brim and then it only gets emptied once a fortnight," he told Chad.

"I'm going to have to burn this now –– and I don't really want to be doing that because it's no good for the neighbours or the environment."

But a county council spokesman insisted the workers were right to turn away Mr Hall.

"We appreciate residents' concerns about the disposal of DIY waste at council recycling centres, for this reason we use our discretion to accept small quantities of waste as long as it is brought in a car and not a van or a trailer," said the spokesman.

"We advise residents who are carrying out home or garden renovations which are likely to produce a lot of waste to hire a skip or dispose of the waste at trade waste sites that are located around the county where they can use vans and trailers –– under current legislation, waste created by home and garden improvements is classed as trade not household waste."