Pensioner left after hit and run smash

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A horrific hit and run smash has left a 70-year-old woman needing serious medical treatment.

Ann Hopewell was driving along Carsick Lane in Skegby when a car coming towards her overtook another vehicle and smashed head on into Mrs Hopewell’s Ford C Max.

The driver of the unregistered silver Peugeot got out and ran off leaving the pensioner screaming in agony in her car.

She suffered a broken breastbone, large lacerations, and bruising on both legs.

Ann’s devastated husband, Michael (70) of Bingham Avenue, said they both narrowly avoided death .

Mr Hopewell said: “I normally would have been in the car and the airbags did not go off. We could have been killed.”

The dangerous driver of the car sped off - leaving the car

“But how could the driver not stop? He has destroyed our lives.”

He is unsure how long his wife will be in hospital.

Mr Hopewell, who is wheelchair bound, is concerned as Ann has diabetes and any wounds to her legs have a high risk of turning into ulcers.

“I am worried how the injuries are going to impact our lives. I don’t think she will drive again now. That’s it for her.

“They call it joyriding, but what joy are we left with? My wife is in hospital and we don’t know how long for, and I am utterly devastated.

This means the couple - who have been married for 36 years - are left without transport.

Daughter Ann-Michelle Hopewell (32) is now having to look after her dad in between trips to the hospital to see her mum.

“Mum was dad’s carer so I am trying to help them both. Dad can’t even go and see my mum because their car was specifically adapted to allow his wheelchair. So he can’t even go and visit her. He is not well now with the worry of it all. I just can’t believe someone would do this. My mum told me the driver and passenger got out of the car after the crash and she was screaming. She thought they were coming to help her but they just ran off. It’s just disgusting. They need to be caught and punished for what they have done.”

Did you see the crash? Contact police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously 0800 555 111.