Pay and dismay...but Mansfield and Ashfield lead the way

Civic Centre car park, Mansfield
Civic Centre car park, Mansfield

Mindful motorists in Mansfield and Ashfield lead the way...when it comes to displaying a parking ticket properly.

According to county-wide stats, those who leave their cars in council-run car parks across the two areas are less likely to attract the unwanted attention of traffic wardens.

Since 2008, there has been a staggering 103,483 fines dished out to drivers who have not made their pay-and-display ticket visible enough across Nottinghamshire.

Those likely to incur a fixed penalty notice include drivers who fail to leave the ticket on the dashboard or stuck to the window.

It seems the most common cause for not displaying properly is the ticket being blown off the dashboard when the door is shut, leaving traffic wardens with little choice.

But from the seven councils covering Nottinghamshire, Mansfield and Ashfield sit at the bottom of the league of shame, with just 18 per cent and 16 per cent of drivers respectively, hit with penalty notices.

Almost half of those fined in Gedling are down to incorrectly-displayed tickets, at 49 per cent.

This is followed by Broxtowe (29 per cent), Rushcliffe (24 per cent), Bassetlaw (23 per cent) and Newark (20 per cent).

Coun David Smith, portfolio holder for cultural services, town and district centres at Mansfield District Council, said: “We are obviously very pleased that so many residents and visitors who use our car parks correctly display their ticket, giving us the among the lowest figures in the county for the number of fixed penalty notices issued for failing to display a parking ticket correctly.

“Drivers have a responsibility to display a valid ticket clearly. We prefer people to display the ticket on the windscreen, however, you can display it on any window or the dashboard as long as it’s clearly visible.

“Motorists are advised to be careful when closing their car doors that a sudden rush of air does not displace the ticket as it is essential that traffic wardens can see that the ticket is valid.”

Meanwhile, parking watchdog - the British Parking Association (BPA)- says not displaying a ticket correctly is the most common enquiry they receive.

They say often the tickets are spotted by traffic wardens upside down or the full details of the ticket are obscured.

They also played down any suggestion that traffic wardens go looking for tickets not displayed properly.

Joanna Audley-Charles, of the BPA, said: “There is no evidence or indeed incentive for a traffic warden to look for any excuse to fine a motorist.

“If a vehicle looks to be in contravention of the law or terms and conditions then it is only right that a penalty notice is issued.

“There is an independent appeals service available and less than one per cent of all notices issued are appealed.

“If motorists believe that they have been issued a notice incorrectly, then they must appeal to the issuer in the first instance and take a copy of the paid for parking ticket as evidence.

“If this is rejected for any reason, the motorist will be given details of an independent appeals service.”