Patients in shock after Kirkby GP revelation

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Patients at a Kirkby GP surgery claim they have been told the surgery will have no staff by the end of the month.

Worried residents have contacted Chad after they were allegedly told the Kirkby Community Primary Care Centre on Portland Street would not have any staff by the end of March.

A patient, who wanted to remain anonymous, said she was told by a doctor at an appointment this week.

“I went in and was told by the doctor that they wouldn’t be here at the end of the month. I couldn’t believe it. I was so shocked, and that nobody is letting us know what is happening at the centre.

“I was told this was going to happen because staff were overworked and under manned,” she said.

No information has been given to patients.

“Nobody has been told anything about, we need to know if it is going to close so we can find somewhere else to go,” she added.

Chad contacted NHS England and awaiting a response.

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