Patients ‘backing’ Clipstone Health Centre plans

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PATIENTS are backing plans to move Clipstone Health Centre following an open day in which locals could look at detailed blueprints.

More than 126 people took the time to visit the current surgery on Thursday and learn about the multi-million pound proposals to shift the premises closer to the roundabout where where Clipstone Road East and West meet.

The practice partners say an increase in patients over the years has left the First Avenue site ‘bursting at the seams’ and that a move away from the village centre would make it more central for the thousands of patients registered, many of which are from Forest Town and Mansfield.

And of those who looked at the plans, 86 filled out questionaires with only one person rejecting the plans. Prior to the open day, some residents had concerns over the new location, that it was being moved out of the village centre.

Practice manager Matt Doig said: “Overall it’s been very positive, it went a better than we hoped, given before Christmas there were concerns about the location.

“A lot of people asked questions about it. Many thought it was over to Forest Town but when they found out where it is going, offered support.”

“We are trying to get a health centre that’s fit for the next 20 or 30 years.

“To get the thumbs-up from patients is fantastic and it means we can press ahead with the development.”

Funded through a third-party development, there are hopes the new surgery will be open by summer next year.

However, Clipstone Parish Council chairman, Wayne Swiffin, looked at the plans on Thursday and admitted there are still some niggling reservations.

He said: “ The drawings are really good and the improved services would be welcomed.

“But the fact does remain that it’s outside Clipstone itself and for some people it’s a bit of a stumbling block.

“I know patients come from far and wide but provision has to be made, for particulalry the elderly folk, in some way.”

As part of the proposals, the new surgery would be two-and-a-half-times the size of the existing clinic and easily cater for the growing number of patients.

It would house a pharmacy within the facility and with the NHS hoping to reduce the number of people being admitted to overcrowded hospitals, there are also plans for additional services at the site, including a minor surgery suite, additional training and consulting rooms and other clinical rooms for further services when required.

The additional space would allow for ample parking- up to 45 spaces for staff and patients.

Parking problems have been an ongoing issue at the current First Avenue health centre, which is one of the key reasons for the move.

The move of the health centre has been backed by the NHS, who see the relocation as a priority case.