Passport rumpus could wreck family’s holiday in Spain

PASSPORT PROBLEM -- for Michael Daggett.
PASSPORT PROBLEM -- for Michael Daggett.

A bizarre bust-up over a passport could sabotage a devastated Pinxton family’s first holiday abroad together.

Michael and Hannahly Daggett, and their three young children, of Sycamore Close, were looking forward to a trip to Alcudia in Spain in the middle of August.

But now the holiday is on hold. For dad Michael (31), a barman, has been told he cannot have a passport because he is not officially British -- even though he has lived in Britain all his life!

“It beggars belief,” says angry mum Hannahly (28).

“I am disgusted. Michael was born at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham. He lives here and works here and yet he is being treated like a foreigner.”

The row revolves around the Home Office stipulation that all applications for a passport by people born after 1st January 1983 must be accompanied by the birth certificate of their mother or father, to prove their identity. Both of Michael’s parents are dead, and their records cannot be traced.

“His father was not even named on Michael’s birth certificate,” said Hannahly. “His mum, who comes from Dumfries in Scotland, died 14 years ago, but no-one can find her birth certificate.

“The Home Office says the only way round it is for Michael to apply for British citizenship. But there is a naturalisation fee of £1,005, which we are not prepared to pay on principle.

“Why should he have to pay when he was born in this country? The holiday has already cost us nearly £2,000.

“Michael has a National Insurance number, a driving licence and a PAYE number. What more do they want? Blood? It’s hard to explain how frustrating this has been. It is absolutely disgusting.”

Hannahly has now written to her local MP, Labour veteran Dennis Skinner. But it is possible Michael and six-month-old baby Reggie might have to stay at home, while she flies to Spain with the other two children, Briley (seven) and Finley (six).

The Home Office confirmed it was investigating the case.