Parties and groupings: happy to clarify

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I am sorry to have caused Mr. Higgins so much confusion my column (Chad, Feb 5).

He asks for clarification: the Electoral Commission’s registration forms use only the word ‘Party’ - unimaginative perhaps but that’s the process. Mansfield Independent Forum members do not wish to be ‘card-carrying’ members of a political party or whipped into voting as they are told by their political masters.

Mr. Higgins wanted to know on which date I joined the protest march against pit closures and went into the Westminster Lobby – though I remember the experience well, I can’t recall the exact date, possibly 1992, but not sure.

Mr. Higgins ‘NUM’ may have some interesting insights into the mining industry and pit closures which form a valuable part of our social history.

Mansfield Museum, for example, often are interested in recording such memories – and volunteers do great work in archiving, etc. so perhaps he may wish to contact them..

Independent Cllr. Christine Smith

Carr Bank Ward