Parking rules hit town centre

After reading about Mr Russ Moore receiving a £50 parking penalty for a minor infringement while parking, I totally agree with him that this is very harsh and damaging to Mansfield town centre. It’s about time that Mansfield District Council looked into why more and more shoppers are staying away from the town centre. I moved to Mansfield around 1970 and have seen how over the years it has become an unpleasant experience visiting the town centre. Over the years more and more local money raising practices have been introduced, pushing the regular shopper away to other venues and towns. I live at Mansfield Woodhouse and the last time I went into the town centre was approximately five years ago and was horrified at all the changes, regulations. Unlike other towns, I found it to be very stressful and frustrating in parking and shopping in Mansfield. I feel Mike Robinson needs to look into ‘how visiting Mansfield can be a great experience’ rather than simply quoting ‘The vehicle was parked with two wheels clearly over the line’. Surely common sense should prevail rather than quoting from a text book with rules?


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