Parking fine thrown out after long appeal

A MOTORIST slapped with a parking ticket after he stopped in urgent search of the toilet has had the fine torn up after a long battle.

James Conroy had parked his vehicle across an entrance to the derelict Mansfield General Hospital on West Hill Drive.

Mr Conroy, who suffers from the bowel condition Crohn’s disease, stopped quickly last September in search of public toilets.

But he was left fuming when he returned to find a Nottinghamshire County Council ticket on his windscreen, despite his claim he had previously been told by an enforcement officer he was ok to park there.

“I just couldn’t understand it,” Mr Conroy (37), who grew up in Mansfield but now lives in Leicester.

“I’d parked there so many times in the past without any problems. There’s confusion over that space and a lack of consistency from enforcement officers.”

His initial appeal to the county council was rejected but an independent tribunal ruled in favour of his case.

An adjudicator said the council ‘totally failed’ to properly address some of his concerns when they considered his appeal.

“I feel they were just being stubborn in this case,” added Mr Conroy.

Gareth Johnson, the county council’s parking enforcement manager, said he had confidence in the authority’s procedures but said its communication could have been better in Mr Conroy’s case.