Parking fears over new Huthwaite GP surgery

The new surgery bulding works Huthwaite
The new surgery bulding works Huthwaite

CONCERNED Huthwaite residents attended a public meeting last Thursday (13th September) to discuss problems with traffic and parking in the village.

The meeting, at Mill House on Mill Close, was called because of the difficulties parking cars around where the new Huthwaite Surgery is being built on Sutton Road, in part due to builders parking in the area.

But residents also raised serious concerns about the increased volume of traffic on Skegby Road - both during construction and in the future when the surgery is open - particularly with the entrance to Brierley Forest Park also being located on the street.

One couple, who live on Skegby Road, told the meeting that they are concerned their vehicles will be hit by large wagons turning out of the construction site entrance when they are parked outside their house.

“Skegby Road is a nightmare already, only two weeks, three weeks in,” another said.

The difficulty that pedestrians have trying to cross the road was raised, as was the length of time it can take to turn out of Skegby Road due to the volume of traffic on Sutton Road.

Residents felt that the location of the new surgery will only add to those problems.

“How can you design a building in a residential area and not have any idea what the problems will be,” one woman said.

She added that she was ‘gobsmacked’ that planning permission had been given.

GP Dr Hilary Lovelock said that Huthwaite has needed a new surgery ‘for so long’ that the success in securing the investment should be celebrated.

“Hopefully we have done enough to mitigate parking problems,” she added.

Representatives from Wildgoose Construction, which is building Huthwaite Surgery, told the meeting that increased traffic is inevitable during construction, but it is advising its builders not to park on Skegby Road.

Spokesmen for Ashfield District and Nottinghamshire County Councils said that the new surgery will have 28 parking spaces, which they consider to be sufficient. If problems for residents occur, the county council can bring in measures to restrict parking in the surrounding area.

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