Parents’ school parking leaves bus stranded

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A public bus ended up stranded along a busy street after parking parents blocked the road near to a school.

The Stagecoach service was left stranded on a narrowed bend in the middle of Stuart Avenue, Forest Town, because of vehicles parked on both sides of the road.

They belonged to parents of youngsters attending Abbey Primary, which was hosting a sports day and had attracted more people to the school.

But one resident, who did not want to be named said: “Everybody is fed up of this, it’s not the first time it’s happened.

“The school is doing their best but we are being verbally abused by some parents when we come out to take photographs of the parking - it’s only just to show the school the effects it is having.

“It seems to be getting better in the mornings but it can still be still bad on an afternoon with parents parking both sides of the road.”

The bus was left stuck for around half an hour on Thursday morning from about 9.30am.

The driver of the bus service even rang the police before the cars could be moved.

Abbey Primary relocated from Abbey Road, Mansfield to Stuart Avenue earlier this year.

However, parking problems have continued to cause an issue.

Headteacher Kim Wakefield said: “I have put his out to parents and made requests but there are some who are still parking irresponsibly and it sometimes just needs some common sense.

“It’s ongoing and we’ve had meeting with highways but it’s frustrating.

“We’re endeavouring to work with the residents to resolve the situation but it’s something we’re being proactive with.

“If people want to email us with issues, we will address it.”