Parents have role to play in D.A.R.E. education

I WAS pleased to read Supt Paul Winters’ column in Chad. Anti-Social behaviour is a scourge in our society today.

This, he says, is caused by just a few but it brings a bad name to schools and the locality where they live in. The majority of children are law-abiding and well behaved.

The D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) programme is taught in schools to show how children can combat drugs, alcohol, smoking, bullying and anti-social behaviour.

I hope parents would guide their children, too, in D.A.R.E. teaching. This can play a part in helping them to grow up into responsible adults and to respect the law and authority.

Parents can find out more about D.A.R.E by visiting

Dr Raj Chandran,

Prospective Independent Candidate

for Police and Crime Commissioner for Nottinghamshire.

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