Parents collecting kids from primary school smelling of booze and cannabis, headteacher warns

Sutton Hillocks School
Sutton Hillocks School

Parents are collecting their children from a primary school while smelling of drink and cannabis, a headteacher has warned.

A number of reports have been made to Hillocks Primary in Sutton that some parents could be under the influence on an afternoon when school finishes.

This has led to headteacher Louise Regan sending out a text to parents.

The text reads: “We have now had a number of adults approach us to say they have concerns regarding the use of cannabis and alcohol by parents picking up children at home time.

“We are now logging those concerns and where appropriate will inform the police.

“Can we please remind you that we have asked that you do not smoke outside the school gate.”

Louise Regan told the Chad: “Our priority is the safety and wellbeing of children attending our school.

“The incidents reported to school have been limited in number, but I think most parents would agree that it’s inappropriate for a parent to pick up their child at home time smelling of alcohol or cannabis.

“We also wanted to remind parents of requests that we have made in the past not to smoke outside of the school gate given that this is the only route in and out of school for all children.”