Paddy Tipping visits safeguarding centre in Annesley

Nottinghamshire’s police and crime commissioner Paddy Tipping paid a visit to centre in Annesley which aims to protect vulnerable people.

Paddy Tipping and Councillor John Peck visit MASH
Paddy Tipping and Councillor John Peck visit MASH

Mr Tipping visited the Multi-agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) on Monday to find out more about the work it does.

The hub, which is based at Sherwood Business Park and run by Nottinghamshire County Council, allows professionals such as nurses, teachers, police and housing officers to report a new concern about a child or vulnerable adult.

Speaking ahead of his visit, Mr Tipping said: “This is a good opportunity to see first-hand a national example of good practice and I’m delighted with the progress that I know is being made using the multi-agency approach.”

When the centre first opened in December, it was staffed by a team of 60, made up of social workers and early intervention workers from the county council, officers from Nottinghamshire Police’s domestic violence and child protection units and NHS health specialists.

They have now been joined by probation colleagues and three head teachers.

Coun John Peck, who is chairman of the council’s for children and young people’s services, said: “We’re delighted to welcome Mr Tipping on his first visit to the hub so he can find out first hand what’s been achieved to date using a multi-agency approach to safeguarding.

“Partnership working, including the commitment of the police, is already dramatically improving the quality and speed of decision making for safeguarding concerns as it allows the agencies involved to collate and share information on a case quickly and use this to make a swift decision on the most appropriate action needed, rather than working in isolation.”

Since the initiative was launched, the team has taken around 14,000 calls.

Operations manager Simon Holmes, who also set up the UK’s first multi-agency safeguarding hub in Devon, said: “It’s been a very successful first six months.

“Locating agencies together has resulted in improved communication leading to better decision making in terms of making sure children and vulnerable adults receive the right services.

“Over time, we’re seeing relationships between the agencies continuing to grow as understanding about the roles and responsibilities of each improve.”