Packham to go wild in Mansfield

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TV presenter Chris Packham is going wild in Mansfield with a one-night show taking an entertaining and informative look at some of nature’s most amazing creatures.

Chris has become a familiar face on TV wildlife programmes through the BBC’s ‘Springwatch’, ‘Autumnwatch’, ‘Operation Iceberg’ and ‘Secrets Of Our Living Planet’, but remains an impassioned naturalist.

He will be sharing in his own words and photographs some of the highlights from his travels across the UK and around the world, including the fascinating ecologies and behaviours of creatures from leopards to barn owls, from cheetahs to pond skaters and from polar bears to peregrines.

Among his recent adventures was in the rainforests of Brazil, where he saw species of birds that are beginning to flourish again through the replanting of trees. Their return is thanks to a pioneering scheme by the SCA owned tissue brand Velvet in partnership with Amata, a Brazilian forestry company.

“Velvet’s work in Brazil has led to more than four million trees being planted - but the benefit is more than trees,” said Chris. “As soon as you get a new population of birds arriving, then you can get the predators returning too, and in this way you start to reintroduce the whole natural world around them.”

Chris’s conversational style, irreverent humour and sometimes controversial opinion make for a hugely rewarding evening’s entertainment, with time for questions at the end.

His live show – Chris Packham’s Wild Night Out – is on stage at Mansfield Palace Theatre on Saturday, 16th March.