Overdose Nurse who posted picture on Facebook struck off from profession

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A NURSE who gave a Mansfield baby a fatal overdose of salt and posted a picture of herself asleep on Facebook has been struck off from the profession.

Louisa Swinburn admitted giving Samuel McIntosh 10 times the prescribed dose of salt in July 2009.

The four-month-old tot, from Arches Road, died from severe brain damage.

Mrs Swinburn admitted making the error and also pleaded guilty to posting a picture of herself and the baby on Facebook without the parents’ or City Hospital’s permission.

A Nursing and Midwifery Council panel found Mrs Swinburn guilty of misconduct had have decided her fitness to work as a nurse has been impaired.

She was struck off the nursing register for a minimum of five years.

Panel chair Peter Harvey said: “Falling asleep whilst on duty and posting a photograph on Facebook of both herself (Swinburn) and Baby A (Samuel McIntosh) demonstrated poor judgement.

“There was more than one issue of misconduct in this case and the panel noted that the drug administration error was a single isolated event in the context of Mrs Swinburn’s nursing career.

“However, the panel had grave concerns into the lack of any insight as to why the errors occurred.

“The panel considered Mrs Swinburn’s wide-ranging misconduct and her lack of insight into a catastrophic drug error was extremely serious and the risk of repetition could not be excluded.”

Mr Harvey added that Mrs Swinburn’s behaviour was ‘fundamentally incompatible’ with continuing to practise as a registered nurse.

She has 28 days to appeal the decision.