Outrage over 'disgusting' anti-wildlife netting in Kirkby

Wildlife campaigners have slammed netting that has been placed over a hedge in Kirkby, to stop birds from nesting.

Thursday, 11th April 2019, 11:27 am
Updated Thursday, 11th April 2019, 11:34 am
Picture courtesy of Clare Ward on facebook

The controversial nets have been installed on Blidworth Road, Kirkby and have triggered angry reactions.

Alan Stewart, a member of the Wildlife Trust said: "The netting is a disgrace.

"Not only does it stop birds from nesting, it is trapping small mammals.

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Picture courtesy of Clare Ward on facebook

"People are getting upset, it's appalling and disgusting."

The nets are designed to stop birds nesting. If birds are nesting, developers cannot cut down trees, which slows down work on building projects.

Although the nets stop the birds from building their nests, birds can also become trapped and injured as a result of trying to get through netting.

"It's come as a complete shock to me" Added Mr Stewart.

Cheryl Martins, founder of Mansfield Wildlife Rescue said that she expects an influx of injured wildlife because of the nets.

"I was going to go up and remove the nets myself - I emailed the company who placed the netting there." She added.

"It's only a matter of time until I get birds brought in, injured by the netting."

An RSBP spokesman said: "The RSPB is concerned by the recent reports of widespread use of netting on trees, hedges and bushes to prevent birds nesting.

"We cannot keep trying to squeeze nature into smaller and smaller spaces or demanding it fits in with our plans. People around the country are dismayed to hear about cases where birds returning from long journeys are being deliberately excluded from sites where they might choose to raise their young.

"Those people want action, and so do we.

"That’s why the RSPB is campaigning for laws to be introduced that would commit governments to ensure the recovery of nature – meaning that practices like this would come under much closer scrutiny in future. We all need nature in our lives – which means giving birds and other wildlife, more, not less room to breed, feed and sing.

"In the short term, though, we need to act to make sure that we are not making things more difficult now, for wildlife that is already struggling with climate change, habitat loss and development pressure. That’s why we think the petition on the Government’s website is a welcome move, and we are encouraging people to sign it. For people living in Wales, you can ask the Welsh Assembly to consider a ban too, please support this call to action.

Stewart Abbott from Belper, Derbyshire, has added netting locations he found to an interactive online map, called 'nesting not netting.' Mr Abbott told the BBC he had no objection to new housing or hedgerows being removed for access, but the problem was how developers "are going about it."

"It is time nature is given priority instead of something they think gets in the way of progress," he added.

A petition calling for the netting to be banned has gained over 317,000 signatures. JN Bentley, the contractors who have placed the netting have been contacted for comment.

To contact Mansfield Wildlife Rescue or donate, click here