Out with the new...museum launches ‘old’ exhibition

NMAC11-1288-1''Mansfield Museum.
NMAC11-1288-1''Mansfield Museum.

Mansfield Museum has launched an ‘old’ exhibition to mark more than a century of its own existence.

The Leeming Street centre opened 113 years ago, and to celebrate, objects displayed down the years have been dusted down and brought back out for the public.

Museum spokesman Jodie Henshaw, said: “During the decades, the museum’s image has been transformed from a fusty Edwardian temple of learning to a place attractive to children and parents alike. Still, there are those who hanker after the displays of stuffed tropical birds or curiosities like the elephant’s foot umbrella stand!”

Scheduled to run throughout the year, it is free to enter and is open 10am until 5pm, Monday to Saturday.