Our MP is there to help

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I would like to reply to the letter in Readers’ Views put in by A. Brewer (Chad letters, January 29).

I have no problem with Jason Zadrozny being putting up to be the Lib Dem MP for the Ashfields. He says he is going to win it.

Can Mr A. Brewer remember the last MP for the Ashfields, Mr G. Hoon? He did not live in the Ashfields.

In our area we have a huge problem with a nasty smell, it has been with us since September 2013.

I got in touch with Gloria and she is on the case and is keeping in touch by e mail. Why did I have to go for help from our MP, because that’s what she’s there for.

To Mr Brewer: the Lib Dems according to the polls are even behind UKIP.

M. Simmons