Organiser of Sutton’s Remembrance Day parade set to retire

Sutton’s annual Remembrance Day parade is looking for a new organiser after its long-serving chief calls time on his dedicated service.

Roy Harrison, 77, took over the helm of the Armistice parade five years ago when it almost ceased to exist - with financial strains causing the parade to down-size.

Roy, a committed veteran with the Royal Green Jackets who regularly visits schools to give talks about the First and Second World Wars, was approached by the event’s former organisers for support and ended up taking control of the parade permanently.

However now, at 77-years-old, he has decided to call time to “take away some stress”, and he is looking for someone to take over his role.

He also assured residents that he will do what he can to ensure the parade “doesn’t fall through” after he is gone.

He said: “It’s with great sadness that I will not be running and organising the Sutton Remembrance Day Parade anymore, mainly because of age and health.

“I’m 77 years old now and I’ve had the order from my wife and daughter to call time on running the parade.

“The main issue is that I can’t find anyone else to take over from me, the main reason being the cost of running the event.

“It’s very easy getting the people to come and help with organising and volunteering, but when it comes around to funding it that’s where we have issues.

“To run the parade costs £1,756, but the council’s grant is £525,leaving £1,231 to find.

“Last year it cost £1,556 just to march from Portland Square to yhe Cenotaph.

“To find the rest of the money we had to beg from the people of Sutton, with tombola stalls and donations from other organizations.

“This takes a lot of time up, plus meeting with Ashfield District Council.

“The Royal Green Jackets will continue to talk to the school children, on the world wars.

“What this means is the public will have to make their own way to the Church and Cenataph.

“I will help anyone who wants to take over, if you have any questions get in touch with me, my door is open.

“I’ve had such fun organising the event and I’ll do what I can to make sure we don’t let it fall through.

“Many, many thanks for everyone’s support in the past few years.”

You can get in contact with Roy by contacting him on Facebook, using Roy Harrison.