Opportunities to have your voice heard on Brexit this weekend

Whether you are leave or remain, in or out, hard Brexit, soft Brexit or do not care about Brexit, there are opportunities for you to get your voice heard this weekend.

Wednesday, 20th March 2019, 1:17 pm
Updated Wednesday, 20th March 2019, 1:18 pm

Britain’s exit from the European Union has been one of the most contentious issues in modern British political history, and people on both sides of the debate want to get their dissatisfaction heard.

There are three events people in Nottinghamshire can join with over the weekend.


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March for Leave sets off from Seaton Carew, Hartlepool, on the second day of the march to London.
March for Leave sets off from Seaton Carew, Hartlepool, on the second day of the march to London.

In favour of Brexit is Nigel Farage and his ‘Brexit Betrayal’ march, which set off from Sunderland earlier this week on a walk through leave-voting constituencies on its way to London.

Setting off in the North-East town, which was the first constituency in the UK to bring back a ‘Leave’ result in the 2016, Mr Farage will visit areas such as Mansfield, Broxtowe and Bassetlaw before arriving at Parliament Square on March 29 - Brexit day.

He organised the march to show his “dissatisfaction with the way the metropolitan have betrayed voters over Brexit”, and he aims to be joined by some of the 17.4 million who voted to leave in 2016.

The Brexit Betrayal march will set off on its eighth leg on Saturday, March 23, at 8am from Mansfield town centre, where it will make its way towards Newstead, in Ashfield, before passing Nuthall near Kimberley on its way to Anna Soubry’s Beeston base.

For information on the Brexit march, you can visit marchtoleave.com.


Remain-supporters or people who think there should be another referendum on Brexit will be able to voice their views with a protest in London on Saturday.

The ‘People’s Vote’ march, through the capital, will take place on March 23 and will see people attend from across the country.

Coach travel from destinations right across the United Kingdom has been arranged, and there will be transport from Nottingham at 7.30am on Mount Street.

A spokesman said: “Please sign up to join us. We will be congregating from 12pm, high noon in Park Lane, and marching to Parliament Square to make our voices heard. Our demand is a simple one: that any Brexit is put the people so that we can have the final say.”

To apply for tickets for the coach journey, visit nottinghampeoplesvote.com/march, and to find out more about the march, visit peoples-vote.uk/march.


Brexit Protest and Direct Action Group has organised a ‘go slow for Brexit’ car protest, in which drivers will drive their cars slow on the motorway.

The protest, which has already garnered the interest of 17 cars, will drive up the M1 Northbound and back for two junctions, starting at junction 26 and finishing at junction 28.

Drivers will meet on Friday, March 22, at 6pm in the Giltbrook Retail Park near junction 26, where they will drive slow up to junction 28 and then return, twice, to show their dissatisfaction with the Brexit negotiations.

A spokeman said: “We are here to take a stand and to make a difference, to force the government to take the action that was requested by the 17.4 million voters - we want to leave the EU NOW.”

To get involved, arrive at IKEA on Giltbrook for 6pm on Friday evening.