YOUR VIEW: forget KFC chicken shortage, imagine if it was fish and chips

Let us have your viewsLet us have your views
Let us have your views
I agree with Ashley Booker (Chad - February 28). Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is grossly over-rated and the '˜panic' caused by KFC running out of chicken was beyond belief.

Now if it was fish and chips shops running out of fish, I could understand the concern. Sadly (in my opinion) there are too many fast food shops selling greasy chicken meals; and as for pizza ...

However it was the mention of Mr Booker seeing a Mercedes convertible with the roof down in this weather that really appealed to me. My first two cars were Austin Eights, a 1939 edition followed 
by one from 1945, both bought for £10 each umpteenth-hand.

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Neither had a heater, so when I had to drive in the sort of weather we have been experiencing lately, I had to wind the windscreen open (you can’t do that with modern centrally heated cars) and shiver with my glasses misting up.

Not pleasant.

Tony Olsson

Millers Way,


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