YOUR VIEW: easy option at Gregory Quarry, green space be damned?

I was interested to hear, and see, Mansfield District Council's director of place and wellbeing discussing the proposed development of Gregory Quarry in various media opportunities.

Saturday, 21st October 2017, 1:00 pm

He was quoted as saying that ‘access possibilities were limited by the depth of the quarry’. H

as he not entered the large ‘quarry’ housing estate from Berry Hill Lane via King’s Walk?

The depth of that quarry development makes Gregory Quarry look like a dimple! Any civil engineer would say appropriate road access can be achieved from any side of Gregory Quarry if the land/property was made available from adjacent roads.

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He says that there are no other alternatives. He may be right that there are no other alternatives available at this moment in time.

But surely that means the Quarry Lane access is not available? The other possibilities are not available in my view because the applicant, other than perhaps a property on Fuller Close, has not acquired the land or properties or rights for access!

Mr Saxton is right that the planning authority can only consider the application put before it.

Those types of application are only made after many months of consultation with the local planning authority and various interested parties.

I feel this access route should have been advised against long ago.

Mr Saxton is, I believe, responsible for our parks and green spaces. His title sounds good, specially that of ‘well being’. It is slightly ironic that he feels there are no other alternatives than to carve through our and his hidden gem of a nature reserve, affecting the wellbeing of the many in the community who enjoy and use this area?

Perhaps the easy option has been to look no further, nature, green space, educational and recreational opportunities be damned.

Tim Spurry

By email