York City 2 Stags 1 : The fan’s blog

Last night we saw the first signs that the Stags do want to go to Wembley with Duncan Russell fielding a slightly different line-up featuring Niall O’Rafferty making his debut alongside our goal scoring hero from Sunday, Danny Mitchley.

This was my very first visit to Bootham Crescent leaving just four more grounds to visit for my first complete season with the Stags home and away. Even thought I had a few problems last night I will not let this put me off travelling with my beloved Stags.

The game itself was a little bit of a after the Lord Mayor’s Show performance and you could see that the team had their minds elsewhere - which I can understand as it was freezing last night. I enjoyed seeing the other players in the squad getting a run out and trying to give Duncan something to think about when selecting his squad for Luton on Saturday.

Adam Murray returned to the midfield and had a solid performance as usual, making sure that we remand in the game and help in the build up to the goal for Tom Naylor. Tom for me as really come on this season and appears to have made the central defence role his own.

York City looked good at times and they deserved their win which is hard for me to say but true. We stayed 13th after our defeat but for me Wembley is the dream that I think all the Stags fans want and hope we can get on Saturday.

If I were Manager on Saturday I would make sure that we didn’t try to sit on our lead from the first leg I would make sure we defended but also make sure we put the pressure on the Luton Town defence and let them know how much we want it.

We as fans can help our team by getting behind them all the way and making sure their heads don’t drop even if the worst thing happens and Luton score. I will back the boys all the way and make sure they know I am behind them. I hope you will all do the same in your own ways. Whatever you choose, singing or shouting, lets stand together and let the Luton fans we are here and we mean business.

Luton Town looked worried last week when we were going forward and taking the game to them so let’s keep the same script and give them some more in front of their own fans. What will be interesting for me is how many Luton Fans will be there. They had 2212 fans for the Gloucester City game and 1958 at the Uxbridge home game - will we see a crowd over 3000?

So a few easy days for me now to make sure I have the strength and energy I will need for Saturday. COME ON YOU STAGS YELLOWS YELLOWS.