What’s do the stars say is in store for Mansfield?

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What do the stars say 2014 has in store for Mansfield? Chad astrology John Thompson-Cambell gives his predictions for the local area...

“Over the years that I have been writing for the Chad, I’ve noticed that I have got a good track record when it comes to making predictions.

I knew very well, a few years back, that we would enter into a recession and even argued with my business studies mentor about it, as at that period, everyone was doing alright; but then it all went wrong, and I was proved right!

If you cast your mind back, prices and VAT were actually dropping and we all had a few pounds extra to spend; this will come back in future years!

Everyone who works in my field knows that the planets have been transforming the worldwide economic landscape from banking, to construction, to the housing markets; the effects being felt by many small and medium sized companies, right through to the retail sector, who have had to raise their prices, just as the energy companies are also doing.

Economists know all about boom and bust cycles and knew historically that it was coming, and also know fine well that life will improve again; but it will take time, along with some “ Outside the box ” type thinking “ and that recovery will be a lot further away than most realise.

The effects financially from the astrological environment, have affected everyone in the public and private sectors; there has been no escape; even the NHS, if you think locally, I would view Kingsmill as a brilliant example of transformation to due to a lack of funding, and the Police and ambulance service, by re-allocation and downsizing.

The media are now reporting that the economic climate is gradually improving.

I do believe that things are, in generalised sense going that way; however, it will be around 2024 when we can say that we are back on our feet and winning.

Until then we are still going to hear about job losses, companies going under and shops shutting; there is simply going to be no getting away from that scenario for a while yet, but I do promise that little bit by lit bit, you will slowly and surely here about positive signs of recovery and a strengthening economy.

I confidently see Mansfield’s mid and long-term future as that of growth and success.

The current problems will come and go. I stated with confidence years back that Mansfield had the potential to be seen by outsiders as the Covent Garden of the East Midlands, and will happily stick to my guns.

This simply will not happen though without investment and the confidence of the planners.

We could very well be viewed within the next 10 years as a miniature version of Nottingham City Centre; albeit with our own culture and brand!

The direction forward as I see it, is in encouraging and investing in small businesses, entrepreneurism, education and leisure, and the more that we embrace online trading, the better; it’s a mistake to fear or reject it, as the whole future is going to be 90% online ,it’s here to stay folks, and its very good news!

I feel that education, not only in Mansfield, But in Nottinghamshire as a whole over the next decade is going to be a strong growth factor over the next decade; it’s going to very much be the key the door of success!.

At one stage a few years back I stated with confidence that Mansfield’s market place would deteriorate; look at what has happened to it! It’s a shadow of its former self, that could very well fade into oblivion over the next few years as has been pointed out by the Chad.

However, I don’t feel that Mansfield Council are ready to concede defeat, and I feel that energy, finance and ideas are going to get injected into this area. It would be fantastic to see services being centralised around the market centre, and surrounding area.

There is a lot of untapped potential here.

After all this area is not far off the very centre of Sherwood forest, and the Robin Hood legend as far as I am aware!

I feel now though that I should stick my neck out and state with confidence that over the next 3 to 5 years, that it will re-vitalise and grow back to its former glory!

I feel that the people of Mansfield believe what I believe:

Mansfield is a very good place to work, live, bring up your family and also start a business, and will be an overall successful growth area again, as it is in some areas at the moment: but we need to believe we can weather all storms and invest in the next generation; as we yet have much to cope with and adapt to over the next decade.