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I had a great evening presenting awards at Quarrydale’s annual celebration evening.

The teachers, governors, proud parents and the real stars of the show – the students - made it a special night.

I’m going to take the opportunity to name every one of the students who received Outstanding Achievement Awards, Student of the Year Awards and Individual Subject Awards.

Emma Betts, Mariliis Timma, Daniel Saunders, Billy North, Esther Allin, Elizabeth Walton, Megan Harris, Owen Halfpenny, Michael Ellitot, Adam Bunting, Carly Abbott, Bethany North, Lewis Longden, Jack Kennedy, Alex Youd, Roanne Spencer, Lee Catling, Emily Bradford, Adam Werle, Emmy Daly, Kaitlin Robinson, Libby Hawkins, Leah Knowles Daniel Payne, Hollie Matthews, Matthew Cashmore, Tegan Hufton, Caitlin Simpson, Emilie Wright, Greg Jaworek, Bethany Horvath, Bethany Hammonds, Najiah Kanom, Lauren Fowler, Rebecca Keeling, Kai Wilson, Luke Barks, Elizabeth Harrison, Jake Caunt, Jodie Yates, Chloe Tolley, Thomas Keane, Terence Broadbelt, Lily Brewer, Tuscany Webster, Jasmine Partridge-McGibbon, Morgan Hawley-Townsend, Ben Killey, Daisy-May Brooks, Jordan Sillifant, Joseph Broughton, Kieron Musgrove.

Well done to you all!

Now here’s some news which will make you as angry as it made me.

Official figures have revealed that average weekly earnings for men and 
women in Ashfield are lower than they were four years ago.

Men are a down a whopping £37.10 on their weekly wage and women are still £1 a week down on 2010.

Yet prices go up and up. No wonder folk here find it so hard to believe it when Lib Dem and Tory ministers say stick with them, because the good times are back.

We need a minimum 
wage of at least £8 an hour and we need to sort those energy companies out and 
stop them charging rip off rates for gas and 

The National Lottery is another area where Ashfield is losing out – take for instance the great Acacia Centre which had its last Lotto bid turned down and is under threat unless its resubmitted application is approved in December.

The latest figures show we get the lowest amount of cash of all the 46 East Midlands areas and we’re the 612th lowest out of 650 areas in the whole country!

We only received £126,197 in grants this year - yet leafy Rushcliffe has been given £1.7m and Loughborough handed a massive £12m.

I’m calling for Lottery operator Camelot to reveal how many tickets we buy in Ashfield so we can prove that, like many ex-coalfield communities, we don’t get our fair share back.