Wealth Without The Wisdom To Use It, Is Simply Fool’s Gold

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‘IF I only had the money’ . . . how often do people say that believing that to have great wealth will answer all of life’s problems.

Money can buy many valuable things of course; the most important of them is time.

Buying time in the sense that we can employ others to do the mundane things that we don’t want to do ourselves, but there are things that money cannot buy and one of those is wisdom.

I once worked for one of the richest men in Africa who had 600 million in cash at the time and five mines: three gold and two diamond, how much he was really worth then is anyone’s guess.

His son Demetrius was a geologist and he would visit the small gold mine that I managed on behalf of the family.

To say he was the most miserable person I have ever met would be an understatement. At the end of each of his visits I would be thoroughly depressed.

After one such visit I thought I don’t care if he is the boss’s son or not, I am going to have it out with him.

“Demetrious why are you so miserable” I asked, he gave me the look and posture of ‘how dare you I am the boss’s son’.

After he got over his sulk he said ‘look’ showing me the top of his head, he had very little hair even though he was only 22 years old. “What kind of woman is going to want me looking like that?” he continued.

Picking myself up off the ‘I cannot believe you just said that’ floor, I replied ‘Oh I could think of about 600 million reasons why for a start and, let’s not forget to mention that although you have very little hair you are not a bad looking man.’

Talk about a lack of focus on reality, all the money could not put one single hair on his head in those years before the Elton John-type hair transplants. The millions in cash at his finger tips paled into insignificance to what he truly valued the most.

Demetrious’s problem was in the eyes of many, including some women that I spoke to not a problem at all.

The answer to many of life’s every day problems is not the amount of money we think we might need to address them, but simply putting them into a true perspective in the first place and that takes wisdom.

Gold mining will bring its obvious fortune but the mining of wisdom is what produces the greatest wealth.

Do you have any golden nuggets of wisdom that you could to share with me because that kind of wealth we can never have too much of.

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