Vacant shops in Mansfield make the town look more depressing

On a recent Thursday morning, I walked down Leeming Street in Mansfield, once the main shopping area.

Thursday, 8th November 2018, 7:18 am
Updated Monday, 12th November 2018, 8:50 pm

I don’t recall Leckenby’s but many a time I have heard about it. I do remember Macfisheries towards the bottom left side.

Going back to the start of this, like many I often wonder how bad it’s become. Many shops are vacant. Yes the online shopping has had a major effect, however other than leave the windows vacant, a better way to improve them would be to have boards fitted and painted by either students at college or school pupils.

The vacant shops make the town look more depressing.

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The annual Christmas lights display was being fitted on this particular morning. I understand the pubs are barely busy on a Friday evening. The Swan of course was the main starting place, even going much further back it was the same.

Probably many aren’t interested, but by getting off their backsides and making some sort of effort, it would make a real difference.

The last major brainwave was the development off Nottingham Road, along the Marr route.

The majority of residents worked hard to have the view which is now obscured. No wonder the majority now want to vacate.

Is the council going to pay compensation for devaluation for Dorchester Drive and the whole of Chatsworth Drive and of course a reduction of the council tax banding accordingly?

It was a Labour council decision. Answers on a very large post card.

I recall many years ago when the properties along Oak Tree Lane were built. Several properties basically were halved in value and took ages selling.

Mark Wilson

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