Town MP frustrated that PM is involving Labour leader Corbyn in Brexit talks

It seems Brexit is the only discussion in British politics right now, and it dominates my life to an extent that I could never have imagined when I was first elected two years ago, writes Ben Bradley MP.

That’s incredibly frustrating in so many ways, not least because it detracts from all of the other issues that need the Government’s attention.

I got in to politics to fight for Mansfield’s schools and to ensure that education is the Government’s top priority.

But so often Brexit drowns out all else.

Ben Bradley MP

It also means I end up spending more time in London and less time in Mansfield.

Needless to say I’d rather be up here than down there.

As I write this on Monday morning, a few days before you’re reading it (so forgive me if the world has changed by the time you do) the Prime Minister is talking about a compromise approach with Jeremy Corbyn.

That’s the man that Mansfield rejected in 2017.

In that election, Mansfield voted to keep Corbyn as far away from Government as possible and to safeguard this country from the kind of issues it saw last time there was a far-left Government back in the 1970s.

That’s why I find it so incredibly frustrating that the PM is bringing him in to this.

In my view he has consistently prioritised bringing down the Government over delivering Brexit and his party’s stance on second referendums and customs unions are a huge part of why Britain is now discussing the worst kind of Brexit – one where it continues to take all the same EU rules but loses its seat at the table.

For all of the failures of government over the last two years, if Labour had stuck by its promises rather than seeking to block and water down Brexit at every opportunity, everyone could have agreed a plan long ago I feel.

As Mansfield’s MP, I have consistently voted for the option that I saw as the route to delivering the cleanest possible break from the EU.

I want to get this done to allow us all to move on and talk about the many other vital issues that have been lost in this Brexit debate.