Tony On TV - 22nd February

TV Those Who KIll team
TV Those Who KIll team

AFTER the BBC’s success with Scandinavian drama, it’s now the turn of ITV to screen a fast-paced crime thriller from Denmark.

However, it’s a 10pm start tomorrow evening on ITV3 for ‘Those Who Kill,’ which ITV3 hopes will attract a similar audience to fans who watched three different takes on ‘Wallander’ (including the Kenneth Branagh version), two series of detective Sarah Lund and her famous sweater in ‘The Killing’ plus the recently screened political drama ‘Borgen.’

The six-part ‘Those Who Kill,’ based on the novels by bestselling author Elsebeth Egholm, is a compelling and dark excursion following the investigations of a special unit of Copenhagen’s police force. They are headed by detective inspector Katrina Ries Jenson and forensic psychiatrist Thomas Schaeffer, who specialise in identifying serial killers that do not fit within traditional behavioural patterns and aim to uncover the psychology of a violent killer in their attempt to solve a case surrounded by fear and mystery.

I’m not sure if they’ve the guts to tackle the mayhem that passes for school life in ‘Waterloo Road’ (BBC1) where a new term begins this evening, but they might have better luck at sorting out the “goodies” from the “baddies” in the final part of ‘Inside Men’ (BBC1, Thursday) which finds tension rising among the group as they get ready for their long-planned heist . . . but a new person in charge of security puts the whole job in jeopardy.

Also at risk is a British Asian family being held against their will in Kashmir (those who know their geography will recognise Cape Town as the location), which is the storyline for a new series of ‘Kidnap and Ransom’ (ITV, Thursday) with Trevor Eve returning to duty as the hard-nosed negotiator Dominic King whose rescue bid looks impossible when a busload of tourists are seized by villains.

Brits abroad can also be found the following evening on ITV when the bawdy comedy ‘Benidorm’ returns for a fifth series of sun, sand and sangria under the watchful gaze of snooty, new manager, Sherrie Hewson (‘Loose Women’) as she tries to upgrade the Solana into a four-star resort.


The Great Ticket Scandal: Dispatches -- Channel 4, Thursday. If you’ve missed out on a must-have ticket for a concert, festival or sporting event, only to find you can get them online, this undercover operation reveals the winners and losers in this murky business.

Empire -- BBC1, Monday. Saving you the trouble of travelling to far-flung corners of the former British Empire, Jeremy Paxman opens the first of this five-part series, ‘A Taste For Power,’ with stop-offs in India and Egypt, as well as treading the desert where Lawrence of Arabia brought a touch of romance to the grim struggle of the First World War.