Tony on TV - 18th April

WEll, history tells us why the Titanic sank, but reasons for the less-than successful voyage of ITV’s mini-series are not as easy to pinpoint.

I enjoyed the cutting one-liners delivered by a cast of TV and film favourites in this “above and below decks” storyline, but this £11m mini-series seemed to lose its appeal with viewers at home as soon as it set sail in its Sunday night slot.

This was in marked contrast to many respectful celebrations on land and sea marking the 100th anniversary of the luxury liner’s fatal encounter with an iceberg in the freezing waters of the North Atlantic

Writer Julian Fellowes might have wished he had also stayed on dry land -- at least ‘Downton Abbey’ carved a niche with viewers at home and abroad, something which is likely to continue with the eagerly awaited third series, which, rumour has it, will see the demise of one of the major characters.

Another channel “all at sea” is BBC2, which is screening ‘Indian Ocean’ starting on Monday as adventurer Simon Reeve begins a six-part trip as he uncovers stories from some of the world’s most remote, dangerous and beautiful locations .

Starting his journey in South Africa, Simon heads up the east coast of Africa, around India and back down the western coast of Indonesia to Australia on an extraordinary adventure taking him to 16 countries as he braves the horrors of Mogadishu in Somalia, perhaps the most dangerous place on the planet, and travels on to such tropical paradises as Mauritius, Seychelles and the Maldives.


Keith Lemon’s LemonAid -- ITV, Saturday. The voiceover that this show is sponsored by Panadol seemed apt after 45 minutes of whooping and yelping that made me wish I had made a doctor’s appointment for a stronger prescription.