Stags Fan Blog : The Game Against Newport

If someone would have told me last night I would see the Stags go three down inside twenty-eight minutes and then get back on level terms by the half-time whistle I would have said they were crackers. But this is exactly what we got in front of the Premier Sports cameras so the few people that take this in their Sky package got their money’s worth with the first half alone and then to see two sides throw everything at each other looking for a winner in the second half but also seemed frightened to drop the one point they already had.

For me the time seem to fly in the second half but I thought I was going to freeze to death when we were three down inside the first thirty minutes of the game I don’t know what happened to the boys in the first part of the game they just seemed to be switched off as if the game didn’t while 7.45pm but once we hit that mark in the tie the Stags awoke like a bear that had just come out of hibernation and set about repairing the damaged that had been done to themselves in those first thirty minutes.

The same team that had let Newport walk all over them seemed to come out and take control it took the Stags just fourteen minutes to score the three goals they needed to get level and I was so proud of them all. Especially Kevin Sandwith who was have some comments put to him by some of the crowd about his ability in playing the role of left back. My thoughts on the matter are as follows we must back our team to the end whatever is happening on the field and whoever may be having a bad game. Kevin at one point was staring into the crowd as I could see is eyes looking at a bunch of supporters who were sat around me.

I must praise Kevin because he got his head down and put in a good performance after the calls from the crowd. They was also someone else who put their name on the tongues of Stags fans for all the right reasons and that was our new loan signing Louis Moult who was in his third start for the Stags and capped it with two goals which played an important part in the comeback that the Stags put together in the space of those fourteen first half minutes. What topped it off for me was the other goal scorer from the penalty spot was Louis Briscoe so three goals and two guys called Louis put the game on level terms.

Louis Moult was my man of the match on the night and I was so glad he really showed us why Duncan Russell had brought him from Stoke City because if he does this on a regular basis he will be hot property in the next few years. So Tuesday starts a long sequence of games which we really need to win we have Barrow at Field Mill on Tuesday and the return game up in Cumbria 72 hours later then we have a week off and then the visit to Chasetown in the Quarter-Finals of the F.A. Trophy I wish the boys all the best for the games coming up and to try to take the six points on offer in the Barrow games and to take us through to the Semi-Finals of the Trophy which I know will be hard as we are favourites for all three games but lets just see what we can do.