Stags Fan Blog: The game against Newport

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Well I can hear the coaches loading up with fans and the signs to Wembley already appear on the horizon but we still have to win three more games before we get there but the dreams have already started.

I was told by a lot of people that this was a game that no one cared about as it is only the Trophy. But this did not come through in the way that the players played and fans that were there were shouting about the decisions and the goals.

I was truly stunned by the start the Stags made yesterday and how them came out and took the game to Newport we were backed up in our own area but the way defence was turned into attack was great and really good to see Newport had several chances to open the score but failed to do so.

It was great to see Paul Connor back up front and the way he took his two goals he really should had the match ball but he just missed a great chance to do it.

I was incredibly happy for Neil Collett with the way he showed what he was made of with a number of wonderful saves that even Alan Marriott would have been proud he is a more than worthy number two at the club and if he keeps going as he has been then the number 1 shirt might be his in the near future. So Alan when you do come back mate keep an eye on this youngest.

I watched the Duncan Russell interview on he comes across as a really honest guy and tells it how it see now if we get behind him and the boys by giving them our support then we might just get something from this season but we must stop with the booing it is helping nobody whatsoever because the players are nervous before they even kick a ball in anger and the manager just doesn’t need because how would you feel if someone was watching you work and then they kept telling you that you are not fit for the job and you don’t know what you are doing?.

Duncan is here until the end of the season we are five points of the play-offs and in the third round of the trophy which is the first time that the club has been this far in the Non-League version of the FA Cup.

So we have the week off from football as our next match is against Histon at Field Mill on Saturday. Now a lot of you will be thinking that Mansfield should walk this game as they are only a small club but myself I am expecting them to come set up for the draw and if they did get in front then there would be ten men in their box. The way the Stags will beat this tactic is by starting on the front foot like yesterday and make sure they get the ball and they have control of it. Sounds simple but lets just see now we go on next week well I am already for next weekend and can’t wait to see the amber and blue shirts running out from the Quarry Lane End.

Sammy the Stag carrying the flag and the players following him on I am already there cue the music.