Stags Fan Blog : The Game Against Chasetown

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So the match that was call off on Saturday was played last night (Tuesday) - and it turned out to be a cracker.

With the Stags twice throwing away their lead now it’s another game to add yet another fixture to an every expanding April programme. But with after all of this we are still in the hunt for Trophy glory.

Granted, a lot of the travelling Stags supporters they were expecting to sweep Chasetown aside to take our place in the Semi-Finals. But I knew this was going to be a tough assignment for boys and so proved to be.

It was strange for me to see so many Stags fan around me in the away end at The Scholars Ground but in a way it was good to know that we had shown the home side how much we love our club. The game was a sell out of 2000 but it was going to sell out with it being such a small club and the home fans seemed to see Mansfield as being a club in the same class of Manchester United or Chelsea.

It was a shame that we didn’t find that level on the field. We had overall control of the game apart when Chasetown hits us on the counter attack which was the method they were using to attack us and at time our defences look very weak and ready to crumble.

David Grof of course is the man in the headlines for his own goal but it is not all about his mistake. We as a team didn’t play how we can and have done this season. We seem to drop down to Chasetown’s level and tried to play them at their own game but the times when we played up we showed what we can do.

With the quality of the goals from Paul Connor and Louis Briscoe we really should have finished the job last night. But football isn’t a game where you get extra points for style of shot or goal.

One side of the game I don’t like is when fans are leaving a ground saying stuff like I could do better than that and we must be rubbish because we can’t beat these and I am not coming again and then a few more games down the line they are back supporting the club and if the result isn’t what they were looking for repeating the cycle.

It is now time that the fans decide: do we want a football club in Mansfield because if we do we need to back them whatever happens - win, lose or draw and show John Radford that he is not wasting his time and money in trying to build our club back to what is was. We need those missing supporters back at Field Mill cheering the lads on and showing the board we want this club to grow and we have to remember it will not happen overnight.

I will always follow the Stags home or away in the good times and bad. I travel from Sheffield every week to come and see the lads and wear my shirt with pride in the pubs of Mansfield because I am hooked on a big way.I am told by a lot of people in the town you must be mad but I must be in a way because I think that is part of the make-up of being a footie fan.