Shout Out January edition

It’s come to that time when New Year’s resolutions are spoken about.

It’s come to that time when New Year’s resolutions are spoken about.

I bet that some of you are thinking about changing things which have been bothering you, right now. Common new years resolutions range from wanting to lose weight, stop smoking to joining a gym. Interestingly enough, a recent survey by found that just last year, British people wasted £37 million on gym memberships, exercise and slimming classes which they never attended after January.

But many of us fail to maintain our resultions simply because we go for drastic measures so soon after being in ‘cruise mode’ over Christmas. So we rebel against them when things go from enjoyable to not so enjoyable too fast! A good example of this would be forcing yourself to go on a strict, no flavour boring diet after spending your entire holiday munching on Christmas dinners and sweets. When you have been eating nice foods and enjoying them, the last thing you will find easy would be switching to more bland less enjoyable foods. So you need to ease yourself in a lot more gently.

Resolutions should be realistic, not drastic. Okay, so if you want to lose weight, are there little, gradual and more achievable steps you can take to achieve this goal? Perhaps you might be thinking about giving up smoking cigarettes. If so, then ask yourself why it is that you want to stop smoking and, have you ever tried to stop smoking before and if you failed, what was it that made you start smoking again. When looking back at past failures, you need to ask yourself the ‘W’ questions. What went wrong, what were you feeling at the time, where were you and who were you with. Places, feelings and people all have a lot to do with why we do things in life. Sometimes they will make us feel good, other times bad. Cut out the things that make you feel bad and you have a more realistic chance of seeing your goals throughout the year.

And, if you mess up and let yourself down on your goal, don’t see it as a failure; see it as a minor set-back. We have to make mistakes to learn about why we keep on behaving in certain ways. If you fail, ask yourself the W questions, find your answers then plan how to stop those W’s coming between you and your goal in the future. Don’t forget that there is a great amount of support out there for you too at just a phone call or a chat away. Here are some examples of help you can get with some of your new year’s resolutions:

l Want to lose/gain weight? Chat to your doctor or school nurse as your first call.

l Want to stop smoking? Call new leaf on 0800 3897712

l Using drugs or alcohol and want to make changes? Call Targeted Support on 01623 520095

l Want to meet you people? Check out what’s happening in your local area on

l Fancy learning a new subject? Call ‘Learn direct’ free on 0800 101 901.