Schools should always be at the top of the Government's agenda

Ben Bradley MP
Ben Bradley MP

This week, I had the pleasure of visiting Sherwood Junior School in Warsop to have a look around its new nurture unit, writes Ben Bradley MP.

Visiting schools is one of my favourite things about being an MP, because they are some of the most inspiring places.

That’s why I’ve committed so much of my time in my role to both visiting and seeing our local schools first hand, and also to the policy discussion around education in Parliament as a member of the Education Select Committee.

The nurture unit is a fabulous idea, and is one that I’ve championed ever since I went to visit one at Forest Town Primary back in 2017.

What I saw there was a huge opportunity to support some of those children most in need of extra help, to get them settled in to school and where possible returned back into the mainstream classroom.

The centres are a space for children who might have special educational needs, or just need more emotional or educational support, to be able to work more closely with teachers in a smaller, safe setting.

In short, they’re brilliant, and the new centre at Sherwood Junior School will be a huge success I’m sure.

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We know that if we intervene early in these children’s lives and we can make a difference as they start primary school (or even before that) we have a far better chance of giving them opportunities later in life, and of keeping them on the straight and narrow.

It gives them better life chances, and saves money on more expensive interventions later on.

I was lucky enough to be able to bring cabinet minister James Cleverly MP with me to Sherwood Junior School because I wanted to point out to Government just how important our schools, and their ability to be inclusive and supportive to these students, are.

The recent announcement of a major funding boost for both schools and special educational needs was very welcome.

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Schools should always be at the top of every Government’s agenda and I’m glad that now that does seem to be the case.

Long may it continue.