Nick Butler column: Don’t make it easy for thieves this summer

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It has been good to get in the garden over the last couple of weeks and things are really starting to take off in the vegetable patch.

With the warmer, lighter evenings we can all look forward to spending more time outside but it is also time when the dishonest amongst our community take advantage of the open doors, windows and sheds full of new equipment. I have numerous tools which belonged to my grandfather and I would be devastated if they were taken.

They might not be worth that much but the memories and sentimental importance of them are priceless.

We do recover large amounts of property when arresting suspects and searching premises but we often find it difficult to locate the owners.

I would still recommend using an ultraviolet pen to postcode your property as we check everything under a special lamp when we recover it. The easiest way to mark your property is to add the postcode and then the house number.

If you call in to Hucknall Police Station we are giving the pens away free of charge whilst stocks last! I also have some bright yellow warning cards which can be placed in sheds or outbuilding windows to deter would-be thieves if you pop in.

Finally, some of our best results are as a result of you calling us to let us know there are prowlers around your property or on your street. Only last week we got a call in Hucknall to say that there had been the sound of smashing glass around the rear of a house near Portland Road. We quickly got to the location and arrested a man who had just left the scene.

He was charged with house burglary and put before the court the following day.

I know you will have wondered whether to call the Police at some time but please do on 101 or 999 if you think there is a crime taking place.