New PM has the opportunity to start taking Britain forward again

Ben Bradley MP
Ben Bradley MP

Britain has new Prime Minister in Boris Johnson, writes Ben Bradley MP.

Having been involved in the contest in Parliament, personally I’m glad it’s over as I think it’s important that we get moving as quickly as possible.

The new PM has an awful lot of challenges ahead, and no time to waste.

A new Government under a new leader presents Britain with some amazing opportunities.

In recent weeks Conservative MPs, knowing that Theresa May’s tenure was coming to an end, have felt able to perhaps be more open and vocal about the problems that exist.

Getting these thing out in the open for public discussion is a chance to make sure that they are dealt with effectively by the new leadership

For my part, I have worked with the education select committee to produce a pretty damning report on school and college funding, trying to make the case for our education system as a key domestic priority where Government should invest.

It is a cliche, but our children are the future, and they deserve the best.

I’ve been pleased to see both candidates in the race have made major financial commitments to education and I’ll be pressing them to follow through on those promises.

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Obviously, the first thing on the new PM’s desk will be delivering Brexit.

It so often seems like there is just no room for dealing with domestic issues whilst everyone is so split on the Brexit issue, so it’s vital that he gets it delivered with no more delay.

That’s important both to keep the promise and deliver on the referendum result, but also to allow Government to get back to focusing on issues like our schools, and focusing on local challenges.

Over the summer, he will no doubt head over to Brussels to scope out what’s possible.

I wish the new Prime Minister the best of luck, and hope that he has every determination to deliver Brexit on October 31, come what may.

It’s vital for people’s faith in British democracy.