New name but still the same committment to people first in Mansfield

Coun Mick Barton, Mansfield Independents leader
Coun Mick Barton, Mansfield Independents leader

The group I lead has now changed it’s name to Mansfield Independents, writes Coun Mick Barton.

After 16 years, the group has decided to drop the forum name, but it remains the only independent group in Mansfield.

We will still have the same logos, plus a new one, and have some fresh ideas and are going to make sure all residents are listened to.

We have already put an amendment to a motion at the last full council (which was supported by the whole council) about free parking and parking in Mansfield in general.

The council agreed to look at the whole issue and come back with suggestions we can all put forward.

I’m hoping we also get your comments and suggestions on board too .

We have some new councillors, this term, with fresh ideas and a really positive approach to the job in hand.

Our motto is still people before politics, and we all firmly believe in this.

If anyone has any comments, or would like to speak to us, please get in touch.

A big thank you to everyone who has taken part in the gypsy and traveller consultation.

I have given my opinions on the sites and I have offered alternatives away from residential housing for the 15 overnight pitches.

Regarding the showman sites, I do not have a problem with that at all.

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We have some lovely showman families here in Mansfield and they do a lot for the town and district .

We will make sure all decisions are well scrutinised before any decision or report comes back to full council.

It is a difficult subject but I’m sure we can sort this one out sensibly and make sure it’s done in a way that suits everyone if we do it properly.

Finally, I’ve been very disappointed and appalled at some of the MPs again in Westminster for not moving forward with Brexit.

It is killing off democracy and putting the public off politics for life.

I do think Boris Johnson was right to leave no deal on the table as without it, Europe will hold all the ace cards.

So why not let the Prime Minister and his team just try and negotiate a better deal for Britain.

Europe’s leaders must be laughing their heads off .

Let’s hope MPs all see sense, sit down, stop shouting at each other, and do the job that the electorate gave them to do.

I would also like to thank William Warrick and all his team for putting on the town centre beach.

Will is a Mansfield lad and has been a stall holder on the market for many years.

He’s also a showman and helps the town with many events.

He is also the chap who built all the Christmas cabins, of which there will be 20 this year.

Thanks Will and thank you to the BID team supporting these events in the town centre, well run, well organised, great job.