New MPs group is all about ensuring Britain leaves with a good deal

Gloria De Piero MP
Gloria De Piero MP

As I write, Parliament is prorogued and all debate on Brexit has been cancelled until the middle of October, writes Gloria De Piero MP.

But that does not mean that MPs are not still working behind the scenes on plans for Britain exiting the EU by October 31.

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I am part of a new cross-party group of MPs called ‘MPs for a Deal’ which brings together MPs from different political parties who want to see the UK leave with a deal.

In the three years since the referendum, the Government has failed to negotiate an acceptable deal with the EU.

And Parliament has been unwilling to compromise to find an alternative.

But that does not mean that a deal is not possible, not least because most MPs do want to leave with a deal.

This is something that was demonstrated when I asked a group of constituents to come and talk about Brexit with me earlier this month.

Though they held strong views for either leave or remain, these people were able to compromise, and Parliament now needs to catch up.

That’s what this group of MPs wants to do.

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The publication of the draft Withdrawal Agreement Bill that came about through the cross-party talks held earlier this year between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, is one way we believe common ground and compromise can be found.

This could be the basis for a new deal that could pass in the Commons and avert a disastrous no-deal exit.

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What I am clear on, is that it is essential that we agree a deal as soon as possible so that the Prime Minister can go to the EU Summit on October 18 with a strong mandate for talks with EU leaders.

MPs for a Deal believes strongly that the UK cannot leave with no deal because of the harm that this would cause the economy, industry and citizens.

As soon as it is ensured that Britain will not leave without a deal on October 31, I will vote for a General Election to get rid of what I believe is a hopeless government and install the Labour Government that areas like Ashfield so badly need.