More money should be spent on NHS, people deserve nothing less

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There has been a lot of discussion in recent weeks about our local NHS trust and their financial troubles.

This week, I am meeting Paul O’Connor - Chief Executive of Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

I asked for the meeting following questions that I have been asking about the Trust’s debt.

I, like so many other local residents know only too well how vital NHS services are for those in need.

My dad - Richard has spent a lot of time in hospital recently.

I have seen again and again how vital it is that we continue to have cutting edge health treatment and care packages.

This is why we’ve been campaigning for a renegotiated deal for the Kings Mill PFI deal.

I am pleased that our call for extra funding for the NHS has been listened to.

The government has announced an extra £2 billion a year to go on front line NHS services.

I will be working with the Department of Health to get our fair share of this money.

My colleague, Norman Lamb has also called for some of the extra funding to focus on improving mental health care, particularly for children and young people.

It is a key priority of my party to deliver equality in mental health care as much as every other sector of the NHS.

After next year, I want to see the government invest at least one billion pounds extra for the NHS in each year of the next Parliament.

This should be as well as carrying out a review of health and care budgets next year, which would involve the public and all parties.

It would be easy to delay 2015/16 funding issues until after the General Election for the next government to deal with but I feel that would betray patients and so many Ashfield residents who speak to me about their concerns over the future of local health provision.

Funding for the NHS needs to be secured now.

The Liberal Democrats want to create opportunity for everyone by building a stronger economy and fairer society and that means properly funding our NHS for the future and providing better care for physical and mental health.

Over the last few months it has become clearer that the NHS will again be the number one concern for Ashfield residents when they go to the polls next year.

I believe all parties need to have positive, clear and transparent priorities for our NHS that address the concerns of local residents.

People need to know that we are on their side, and they deserve nothing less.